Friday, July 4, 2008

Korean-Mongolian Democracy Cooperation Team express concern on state of human rights after the emergency situation in Mongolia

Statement from the Korea-Mongolia Democracy Cooperation Team

Korean-Mongolian Democracy Cooperation Team Express concern on Post-election Conflict in Mongolia

July 4th, 2008

We, the Korean-Mongolian Democracy Cooperation Team are deeply concerned about the current political situation in Mongolia following the parliamentary election on June 29th 2008. As we observed the political and social turmoil during the stay in Mongolia, we found out that this is not only the problem of political corruption, but also the problem of growing rich and poor divide.

Eruption of violence after the public protest against fraudulent election has leaved several people dead and many people injured. We believe that suppressing the protesters by Mongolian government and banning all the media except the Mongolian Public Radio and TV will deteriorate the political development and human rights.

We, Korean-Mongolian Democracy Cooperation Team would like to endorse the other pro-Democracy NGOs in Mongolia that are now struggling for the fair election, political development and human rights in Mongolia.

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