Friday, July 4, 2008

Statement to the Directors of the Mongolian National Public Radio and Television - please be objective

The following is a statement made by seven Human Rights NGOs to the Directors of the Mongolian National Public Radio and Television.

Human Rights NGOs’ Statement

July 1, 2008

To: Mr. Naranbaatar, General Director, Mongolian National Public Radio and Television

Mr. Munkhbaatar, Director, Mongolian National Public Television

Mr. Purevdash, Director, Mongolian National Public Radio

At this time when all radio and television channels except for the Mongolian National Public Radio and Television have been temporarily shut down in connection to the declaration of the State of Emergency, it is ever more important that the MNRTV dutifully carry out its responsibility to serve the people’s interests.

During this critical time when the anger and frustration of people accumulated as a result of over 10 years of injustice, corruption and electoral fraud have peaked to the point of violent outbursts, further provoked by the illegal proceedings of the most recent national election, the MNTRTV should:

- operate with full understanding of its role as an organization “whose sole duty is to serve the interests of the public, which is accountable to the public and conducts its activities under the public oversight”

- strictly follow its basic principles of operation and “be independent, respect citizens’ right to obtain information, respect plurality of opinion and transparency, and put common national interests above those of economic entities, organizations, officials, individuals and political parties”

- and conduct its operations according to Article 9.1 of the Law on National Public Radio and Television, which states that “the programming of the public radio and television must contain truthful and objective information, be professionally developed, not be one-sided, strictly abide by the journalists’ code of ethics and be timely.”

That the MNRTV operates strictly according to these principles and legal provisions is of crucial importance for restoring peace, preventing further violations of human rights, and resolving the conflicts through peaceful means while maintaining national unity.

We are deeply worried that in the last few days, MNTV programming has been markedly one-sided and biased in favor of the power-holders. We hope the MNTV shall correct this mistake immediately for the benefit of the people of Mongolia and perform its public duty with honor, according to the law and constitutional principles.

Center for Citizens’ Alliance

Center for Human Rights and Development

National Center against Violence

Center for Human Rights and Law

Mongolian Women’s Fund

“Tsekh” Constitutional Watchdog NGO

Asian Focal Point for International Civil Society Forum for Democracy

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snottypurpleface said...

First of all, thanks for posting... the information is priceless for those concerned.

I am currently researching the topic of the Mongolian situation, and I was hoping someone might be able to detail the following allegation:

"... the illegal proceedings of the most recent national election..."

Thanks in advance.